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Diffuse Hair Loss in Men: Causes, Progression and Treatment Options

Diffuse Hair Loss in Men, It’s less common for men to lose their hair than it is for women, but it can still be a big problem for those who experience it. Depending on what’s causing it, diffuse hair loss in men can be temporary and can definitely be cured. But to get rid of it, you have to find and fix the cause. So what’s the best way to treat it? What are the causes? In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at this problem and offer you the right solutions.

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Diffuse Hair Loss in Men: Appearance and Symptoms

Alopecia diffusa is the medical term for male-pattern baldness. It only implies that your hair is falling out at a higher rate than usual, everywhere on your head. The hair typically becomes thinner. In fact, it’s possible that you can see your scalp. Unlike circular hair loss, there are no small, contained areas of baldness. On the contrary, hair typically becomes thinner. Day after day, you shed over a hundred hairs.

What Could Be Causing This?

The problem is pretty easy to spot based on how it looks. But figuring out what’s causing it is a whole other story. There are so many different things that could be the reason. Here are just a few:


The negative effects of stress on your health can build up over time. Reduced hair growth may be the result of altered blood circulation and nutrient intake. This condition is characterized by a shorter growth phase and more rapid and noticeable hair loss. It also has a tendency to become thinner and weaker as it matures.

Undersupply or Deficiencies.

If there are deficiencies or an undersupply, the hair follicles can’t get the nutrients they need. This can cause diffuse hair loss, especially if you’re lacking in vitamins or iron. An unbalanced diet, illness, or severe blood loss can also lead to this.

Diseases and poisoning

If you have an underactive thyroid or are infected, you might lose more hair than usual. This is because these conditions can stress and weaken the body. The same is true of poisoning, for example, from heavy metals.


Under general anesthesia, the body may experience some discomfort during surgical procedures. One of the possible side effects is a worsening of hair loss.

Hormonal changes and Imbalances

Other shifts and oscillations in the hormonal equilibrium could also contribute to hair loss.

Medication and Therapies

Some medications and treatments, like chemotherapy, can damage the hair roots and cause hair loss.

What’s the Process of Diffuse Hair Loss in Men?

Diffuse hair loss in men.

In adults, a daily hair loss of around 100 hairs is normal. If the number per day is significantly higher over a longer period of time, this is referred to as hair loss. Diffuse hair loss doesn’t result in limited bald patches. Instead, the entire head of hair thins out.

If the cause isn’t treated, the scalp can become visible. New hair growth can be very fine and thin, break off more quickly, and fall out prematurely.

How is the diagnosis made?

In his palm, the doctor has a blood sample. The diagnosis is usually made on sight. The general thinning of the hair makes it relatively easy for a doctor to recognize the type of hair loss. However, it is more difficult to find out the exact cause. Various tests are required for this.

As a general rule, these are

They’ll do blood tests to check the supply of nutrients and hormones.

  • They’ll ask you about your lifestyle, stress levels, and diet.
  • We’ll also look over any medications you’re currently taking.
  • They’ll also take a look at a sample of your hair to make sure there aren’t any infections and to see how healthy your roots are.
  • We’ll also be looking at the scalp.

The best way to deal with hair loss in men is with a professional hair transplant.

What treatment options are there?

Taking good care of your hair can usually stop hair loss in its tracks. Hair transplantation is a great option for patients with widespread alopecia. If you’re a man experiencing diffuse hair loss, we recommend reaching out to a reputable hair clinic for a hair transplant.

Is There A Way to Treat Diffuse Hair Loss in Men?

Yes, it is. You can also treat diffuse hair loss with a PRP treatment or hair pigmentation, which is done using a different method. Both treatments can also be used separately to counteract hair loss.

First, they’ll do an analysis of the scalp. They’ll only inject the autologous blood into the bald areas of the head that really need it. They’ll use about 4 ml, which they’ll then centrifuge. This separates the required platelet-rich plasma from the other components. The final injection into the scalp has a restorative effect, so that the hair can grow again.

Hair pigmentation is also a good alternative to hair transplantation. If an autologous hair transplant isn’t an option for you, you can also have your hair pigmented. This isn’t a surgical procedure, but rather a type of permanent makeup. The fine color particles are injected between 0.6 and 1.2 millimeters deep into the scalp. The pigments are hypoallergenic, so they don’t trigger any allergic reactions. The result is a deceptively real and, above all, dense hair structure. The best thing to do is to get in touch with our team at the First Hair Clinic, who will suggest the right treatment method for you during a consultation.

Promoting and supporting hair growth

There is no foolproof strategy to stop diffuse hair loss in males. For example, if the hair loss is a side effect of a therapy or medication, Even with a hair transplant, the likelihood of a full recovery is minimal when the hair loss is caused by an illness. Nevertheless, You can easily incorporate a few things into your daily regimen.

Improve nutrition

Proper nutrition, including macro- and micronutrients, is essential for healthy hair development. Changing your diet or taking supplements are two ways to boost your supply of these. It is possible that this could impact hair thinning.

Stimulate circulation

Blood circulation obstruction also limits supply. This affects both nutrition and oxygen. This may cause or worsen hair loss by shortening the hair’s growth phase. For some, massaging the scalp is a great way to increase blood flow. Exercising, particularly in natural settings, can often boost production.

Reduce stress

Stress levels that are too high can lower blood flow and oxygen supply. People who experience stress on a regular or chronic basis often fail to maintain a healthy diet. Learning relaxation techniques or establishing a balance can help reduce your own stress. Build in time buffers and time-outs, get adequate sleep, and take enough breaks. You can also find relief through breathing meditation, gradual muscular relaxation, or autogenic training.

Reduce harmful influences

Harmful factors like smoking and excessive alcohol use can cause reduced blood circulation and an increased risk of deficiency. We should reduce or eliminate these harmful factors.

Injection Therapy

Another option for targeting hair loss and encouraging new growth is injection therapy. Depending on the therapy, we can inject autologous blood, nutrition, and specific active substances. When they are injected into the scalp, they begin working immediately. Consistent administration of the medication over time has shown promising outcomes. Panthenol injections are another potential method for promoting hair growth.

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It’s easy to spot diffuse hair loss in men. But it can be tough to pinpoint the cause because there are so many different things that can trigger it.

If you can find and fix the cause of your hair loss, it’ll usually go back to normal. You can also help it grow by giving it more nutrients, improving blood flow, and leading a healthier lifestyle. Relaxing and exercising more can also help.

This improves blood circulation and nourishment in general, which can have a positive effect on hair growth. In addition, the supply to the hair follicles can be improved directly and in a targeted manner through injection therapies. Special hair growth products and massages can also be used to stimulate blood circulation.

However, a professional hair transplant for men is also suitable for diffuse hair loss. Just remember that it takes time to regrow hair. Based on experience, it usually takes several months before there is a visible improvement.

Also, hair loss can continue even if the cause has been fixed and support measures have been put in place. This is because hair follicles can go into a resting phase before the hair finally falls out.

But if you start treatment early, you can stop your hair from thinning a lot. Plus, you can speed up the recovery process and encourage growth.

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